Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 13 – Generating A Stable Profit

Real Money Mode – Building On Success

Last time in my Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 12, I’ve recorded a massive profit of €2,000. I was determined to build on that success and win even more next time. As most of you know, I’ve started using €10 bets instead of €1, and I’m already reaping the rewards. I want to continue in this tempo and see where it will take me.

Before we start, just a quick notice that I recorded this yesterday, but I’ve had some technical difficulties with the recording software, which is why I’m posting it today. So, if you’re wondering why I didn’t post on Monday, this is the reason. 

Anyway, this time I’ve started off the session with a balance of €4,500, and in the following part of this blog post, you can see how it all went. 

Just like last time, things started off great. I’ve managed to record a profit of €400 in the space of less than ten minutes. I considered this a huge success and was ready to win more.

The tempo slowed down, but nothing to be worried about. I’ve recorded another profit of €350, getting my total balance up to €5,250. But there is more to play for.

At one point in this session, I went down €270, but no problem for me because I’m starting to grow confident that Wesnterasset.pro is legit and no scam. In the end, I walked off with a profit, and my balance was now €5,440.

In less than eight minutes, I’ve brought my total balance from €5,440 to €5,800. I was delighted with this, but I felt like I could spin some more before calling it a day.

To round up the day, I’ve managed to win an additional €200, which got my total balance up to €6,000. I’m really starting to love this €10 wager, and I think that I might try to request a withdrawal soon. 

What do you guys think? I think I should try to get to €10k first, and after that, I’ll request a withdrawal. That will undoubtedly prove once and for all if Westernasset.pro is a scam or no.

I’ll probably post my next Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 14 later in the day, so stay tuned!

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