Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 14 – Getting Closer To The 10k

Real Money Mode – Technical Difficulties Week

Previously today, I’ve posted my Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 13, where I made a profit of €1,500. Those sessions were from yesterday, which, unfortunately, I couldn’t post at that time because of technical difficulties. Nevertheless, it was a successful session, and now my balance was up to €6,000

My next goal is €10k, after which I’m seriously thinking of requesting a withdrawal to determine once and for all if Westernasset.pro is a scam or legit. 

For now, I’ll keep spinning until and hopefully get to that much-desired €10k milestone. Have a look at how today’s sessions went in the videos below:

This was by far the most stressful session I’ve ever encountered! I was very close to hitting one of those ‘Long Sessions,’ but somehow, I’ve managed to avoid it. At one point, I was down €4,380, but it all turned out great in the end, with me walking away with a profit of €220

just look at this – gotta love roulette

This goes to show you that you have to trust Westernasset.pro software to do the job!

I had to take a little break between these two sessions, and I think all of you would understand – after all, I went down €4,380 and managed to get back up. 

Anyway, I kept spinning and quickly managed to get my balance up to a massive €6,500. It felt great to this point, and I was curious about how things will develop later. Have a look:

It turns out things were going great! I’ve registered my highest win in a session with a profit of €500! This got my balance up to €7,000another milestone!

The tempo slowed down – there were some ups and downs. But at the end of this session, I’ve walked away with another profit of €7,250. I felt ready to win more, so I kept going.

In this session, I’ve had another ‘duel’ with a potential disaster – facing a massive loss of €2,960 at one point! Thankfully, my faith in the Westernasset.pro software prevailed, and I’ve managed to end the session with a profit of €300 – bringing my balance to €7,550

At this point, I was contemplating whether or not I should play some more. I’ve decided to give it another go and aim for the €8k.

It seems as though my gut feeling was right. This week just seems to have started with technical difficulties … ugh!

In the middle of the session, I lost my internet connection, so I had to split the videos into two parts. It was unfortunate that the connection loss occurred in the middle of a session where I was down €340, so I was nervous. 

The internet connection returned quickly, and I kept spinning. Have a look at what happened next.

Thankfully, I’ve managed to overcome that unfortunate situation and ended up with an additional profit of €450. This brought my total tally to €8k – which means that today I’ve earned another €2k!
I was delighted with my daily earnings, which brought me closer to my next goal of €10k.

Tune in next time and watch my Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 14 to see if I can reach that €10k milestone!

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