Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 27 – Picking Up Where I Left Off

Real Money Mode – New Week, New Goals

Last week was terrific for me. I’ve managed to hit a weekly-record by earning a total of €10,100 in just four days

I was hoping to carry on the good fortune from the Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 26, where I ended the day with a profit of €2,100, and even build on that. I had a good rest through the weekend, so I was ready to take on the roulette wheel. 

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how the ball rolled this Monday:


It was a pretty solid start to the week, with a profit of €300 in about eight minutes. I was delighted with this, and if I could manage to keep this tempo up, I’m sure in for a profitable day. 

The tempo remained the same, and I’ve added another profit of €300 in about nine minutes this time. I was happy with this rate, which brought my total balance to €32,700, but there was still a lot to play for.

At this point, it seemed as though €300 was going to be the number of the day. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing to complain about here. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite. I was delighted with the day so far, and this session in particular, because it only took me about seven minutes to earn this profit. At the same time, I’ve hit the €33k milestone, which is another positive goal!

I’ve picked up the tempo slightly, and in this session, I’ve added €400 to my total balance of €33,400. There were a couple of ups & downs, but nothing extreme. I was delighted and ready to earn more.

Even though I’ve earned €400 in this session, it was far from smooth sailing. It was a hard-fought and well-earned session which took me a step closer to the next milestone of €34k. 

Keep watching to see what happens next!

It was back to basics in this session as I earn another €300. What’s more important is that I’ve reached the €34k milestone! This was a massive boost for me and gave me the much-needed confidence to keep on earning. 

Additionally, I’ve had a ‘lucky’ accident in this session, as I bet €100, instead of €10, which I’ve won. Once again, this made me wonder if I should raise the wager in the near future? 

What do you guys think? 

Please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback.

This was the most profitable session of the day, where I earned another €400, but this time it took me about nine minutes. This brought my total balance to €34,500, and at this point, I thought I should call it a day.

It was a fantastic start to the week with a daily profit of €2,400. I’ll be looking to make this the minimum daily goal this week, so stay tuned because things are about to get exciting!

See you again tomorrow in my next Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 28!

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