Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 31 – Ending The Week With A Record

Real Money Mode – Record-Breaking Week

Hello everyone and welcome to the final video blog of the week, where I’m going to try my best to make it count!

In the previous Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 30, I’ve broken my weekly-earnings record, and today I’m set to extend it. So far this week, I’ve made a total of €10,500, which makes this the most successful one since I started to play. 

I’ve got the whole day ahead of me, so let’s have a look at how the ball rolled this time:

It was a great start to the day as I earned €400 in about eleven minutes. What’s more important is that I’ve reached the €43k milestone, giving me a much-needed boost right at the start of the day.

Things didn’t go quite as planned in this session, as I’ve only earned €250 this time around. However, I remain optimistic because there is still a lot to play for, and I certainly won’t give up without a fight!

Ugh, this was a stressful session full of ups and downs. Fortunately, in the end, I’ve managed to walk away with a profit of €350. On we go, and hopefully, I’ll have more luck next time.

This was the most frustrating part of the day. First, I lost internet connection, and after that, there was a brief power shortage. I don’t know what caused it, but I guess that the construction workers on the other side of the road had something to do with it.

Either way, I’ve had to split up the €43,600 – €44,000 session into three parts because I was interrupted by the problems mentioned earlier. 

As if the technical problems weren’t enough, the roulette wheel gave me a hard time as well. I had to come back from behind a couple of times in this session, but I’ve endured and secured the €44k milestone, along with a profit of €400.

After that frustrating session full of technical problems, I’ve finally got back on track this time. I’ve managed to win €300 in about ten minutes, which was enough to motivate me to make the rest of the day count.

It seemed as though fortune started to favor me finally as I add another €300 to my total balance, bringing it up to a total of €44,600. I have a bit more will to play in me, so I’ll try to hit another milestone and call it a day.

Another €200 added to my total tally in a short and sweet session. That next milestone is within reach, so I’ll give it one more try.

I did it! Profit of €200 in five minutes and €45k milestone in the bag!

I started the day with a balance of €42,600 and ended it with €45,000 – a profit of €2,400. I was delighted with these earnings and the way I ended the week.

To summarize, this week, I’ve earned a total of €12,900, which is by far the most productive one I’ve ever had.

Thank you all for the support, and see you on Monday in my next Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 32!

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