Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 32 – Rough Start To The Week

Real Money Mode – Aiming For The 50k Milestone

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog!

I hope you had a great weekend. I know I did. The kids were at their grandparents, and the wife was at work, so I had the whole weekend for myself. I can’t remember when I spend the day watching football in peace and drinking a cold one. It was exactly what I needed to refresh and prepare me for the upcoming week.

If you followed my previous Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 31, you probably know that I had a profitable day, but more importantly – one fantastic week! I’ve managed to set a new weekly record of €12,900 earned, and I’ll be looking to beat this high score.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in it and see how the ball rolled this time:

It wasn’t the best start of the day as I barely earned €200 in this tough session. It wasn’t the ideal start I hoped for, but I was determined to make the most out of this day.

It seemed as though it would be a rough day for me as I encounter another wild session. At one point, I went down €5,210, and it was nerve-wracking! 

Fortunately, I’ve managed to get back up and walk away with a profit of €200.

Finally, the tables have turned, and I got a sensational session! 

I earned an impressive €400 in about seven minutes, taking my total balance up to €45,800. Now I was one step closer to a new milestone.

I love this session because I’ve added another €400 to my total balance, and more importantly, I’ve reached the €46k milestone! 

These last two sessions were precisely what I needed to keep me going through the day.

The tempo slowed down in this session as I won a hard-fought €300 in around thirteen minutes. It was a session full of ups and downs. All things considered, I’m happy that I’ve turned a profit this time.

After the previous rough session, this time, I was luckier. I’ve earned €400 in around seven and a half minutes in this session – taking my total balance to €46,900. 

I was now within the grasp of a new milestone, so I had to keep going!

As soon as I started this session, I was interrupted by a connection loss. I had to split the video into two parts, and this was the first part of the €46,900 – €47,200 session.

I kept playing as soon as the connection returned, so this is part two of the €46,900 – €47,200. It wasn’t an ideal session, but I still managed to earn a profit of €300. 

I felt tired and stressed out, but I was determined to reach my daily goal of €2,500!

For my last session of the day, I earned another €300, with which I’ve completed my daily goal of €2,500. 

I started the day with a balance of €45,000 and ended it with €47,500. It wasn’t ideal, and it was a tough battle, but it was worth it in the end.

Join me again tomorrow as I try to hit the €50k milestone in my Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 33!

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