Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 33 – Halfway To My Ultimate Goal

Real Money Mode – €50k Milestone!

Hello everyone, welcome back to another video blog!

It was a rough day yesterday in my Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 32, but it was still profitable. I’ve made a total of €2,500, which got my total balance to €47,500. 

Today, I’m determined to go for the €50k milestone, and there is no stopping me! 

So, let’s have a look at how the ball will roll this time:

Unlike yesterday, I had a terrific start this time. I’ve managed to earn a profit of €500 in around fourteen minutes. This was the wind in the back that I needed and the precise motivation to get me to the much-desired €50k milestone.

But for now, I’m satisfied with the €48k milestone.

It was another profitable session for me, as I add €400 to my total balance. It took about eleven minutes to achieve this, and I couldn’t be happier.

This day just keeps getting better and better!

I started this session with a minor mistake where I forgot to change the chip back to €10, and I placed a €100 wager instead. Fortunately, I’ve won and started the session with a €100 profit right off the bat. After that, I’ve added another €400 to my total balance and got one step closer to the next €49k milestone.

If this keeps up, I’ll reach my goal in no time!

This is probably my most successful day till now!

Yet another €500 session, and what’s more impressive is that I’ve reached the €49k milestone. I was within reach of my daily goal of €2,500, so there was no way I was going to stop now.

I knew I wouldn’t be as fortunate all day, so a session like this was inevitable. It was a challenging session full of ups and downs. However, I still managed to take out a solid profit of €300 in the end. This took me a step closer to my daily goal and the €50k milestone.

Boom! €50k in the bag!

As part of the final session of the day, I’ve earned €300 in about ten minutes, but more importantly, I’ve reached the €50k milestone! 

I’m now halfway to my ultimate goal of €100k, and I’m thinking about requesting a withdrawal these days.

To summarize the day – I started it with a total balance of €47,500 and ended it with €50,000. I’ve achieved my daily goal of €2,500, which added to my total weekly earnings amass to €5,000.

It’s a great week so far, and I hope to continue winning tomorrow in my Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 34. Don’t miss it!

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