Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 37 – Nearing The End Of The Year

Real Money Mode – 60k Milestone

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another exciting Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog.

If you followed me last time in my previous Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 36, you probably know that it was quite a fruitful session, where I earned €2,500, and if you add the €1,000 I made over the weekend, that is a profit of €3,500. 

Today I start the day with a balance of €57,500, so make sure you stay tuned and see how the ball rolled today!

It was a fantastic start, and I hit the ground running. In this thirteen-minute session, I’ve added a terrific €500 to my total balance. This win allowed me to reach the €58k milestone, and I was flying high!

Things kept going excellent for me, but right at the end of this session, the recording software crashed, and I had difficulties restoring the video. I had to split up the next session into three parts, and the one above is the first one where I win about €500.

This is the second part of the €58,000 – €59,000 where I kept winning steadily. Little did I know that I was in for a rough patch.

Part three of the €58,000 – €59,000 was by far the most stressful for me today!

I couldn’t catch a break as this session was dominated by downs rather than ups. In the end, I won a hard-fought €200 and reached a new milestone of €59k.

It went way better in this session as I added another €400 to my total balance right after reaching the €59k milestone. This was precisely the motivation I needed to throw in a few more sessions and finish the day on a high note.

In this session, I’ve added €300 to my total balance, and I got one step closer to the next significant milestone of €60k. It was a short and sweet session, where I made a stable profit.

This is the final session of the day, and it was exhausting. I struggled most of the time, but in the end, I walked away with a profit of €300, and more importantly, I reached the €60k milestone!

It’s a fantastic feeling, and I hope that this fortune will stick with me for the rest of the week. 

To summarize – I started the day with a total balance of €57,500 and ended it with €60,000. This is a daily profit of €2,500, and when I add the ones from yesterday and the weekend, it amasses to a total profit of €6,000.

Thank you all for the comments and support. See you tomorrow in the next Westernasset.pro Review – Video Blog 38.

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